Floating Solar PV for Small Load Application UNITEN

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Amirah Dayana Binti Ahmad Sharapi
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This thesis mainly studied the arising new technology of the conventional system in the renewable energy sector, floating solar photovoltaic (PV) system. In Malaysia, renewable energy had to compete with other sectors such as agriculture, industrial, residential, and commercial to build up a solar or wind farm, and hydropower plant. In UNITEN itself, due to limitations of the land, renewable energy sources need to strive with many new building facilities that were arising. UNITEN got two less utilized lake areas for installing floating solar PV which is at Mosque and COE and can reduce in terms of high land costing as the water surface costs are lower than the land costs. A floater, platform and circuitry was designed that could stay float on water, a LED light strip was used to resembled as small load application, determined suitable tilt angle and mooring system for the prototype to withstand the movement of wave, and studied the effectiveness of natural cooling of floating solar compared to ground solar PV installation. As for the results, the power generated by the floating system is shown is higher compared to ground system. The power generation and performance of the system is greater due to the natural cooling system from the water surface, since the temperature of the solar cell is lower. In the future, this floating solar could be implemented in UNITEN as one of the supply powers for internal usage and reducing power consumption from the Grid.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Floating Solar , Limitation Land , Natural Cooling Effect , Renewable Energy