Evaluation study outcome of augmented reality technology for solving engineering problems in UNITEN: Augmented reality technology for solving engineering problems in UNITEN

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Sidhu M.S.
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In this article, a study was done to compare the preferences of UNITEN students in using augmented reality technology user interface applications to solve selected engineering problems. Cross sectional study design and a Wilcoxon-Signed Rank Test approach was adopted to analyze the difference in the rankings of the engineering applications. Within a controlled environment, this research further applies �Trials within the same session but with breaks between tasks� an affirmed reliable method in measuring learnability that has been rarely explored by any related works locally. The results were captured through descriptive statistical analysis. The findings provided reliable evidences that multiple function user interface (MFIT) is more effective than the tangible user interface (TUI) for engineering students. Simultaneously, this research also presents evidences that MFIT is better than TUI in the engineering problem solving statistically. Copyright � 2019, IGI Global.
Augmented reality; Computer software; Engineering; Flow visualization; User interfaces; Augmented reality technology; Controlled environment; Engineering applications; Engineering problem solving; Interface applications; Tangible user interfaces; Usability; Wilcoxon signed rank test; Problem solving