Design and development of mechanical timer for livestock pellet conveying

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Muhammad Ifwat Ahmad
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A mechanical timer for feeding pet function is not a new technology afterall. In current industrial modernization world, the cost of living is keep increasing and the dependency of electricity is high, and almost everything nowadays is relying on electricity to work. Though with that fact, factories throughout the country are using electronic timer in their manufacturing world, as well as farmers in their agricultural world. While some farmers are yet to be self labour work to do feeding livestock and watering the plant. Therefore as engineer-to-be, I would like to produce a mechanical timer which suits the functions in agriculture sector, in which in is not dependant on electricity and water sources anymore, so it will be truly portable without any piping or wiring needed if any relocation is needed. The mechanical timer consists of three main parts, the supply, the return, the pivoting timer with feeding function. The supply is just a container which will provide marbles, with gate function to confirm one marble flow at a time. The return will be a forward-reverse pivot, or a rotating wheel in which will carry marble back into supply container, and the pivoting timer will control the time intervals. The working object throughout the system are marbles of 400 pieces. It is choosen because of its spherical shape which is good at moving linearly or in circular, small in size, strong in collisions and high availability in the market. The size and amount of working object is important as it will affect the sizing of everything this mechanical timer required for each part.
TJ223.P76 M83 2015
Programmable controllers , Feeding and feeds