Solar PV- Baterry Storage DC Bus System For Residential Loads

dc.contributor.authorMohd Yusran Bin Mohd Yunusen_US
dc.descriptionFYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020en_US
dc.description.abstractThis thesis reports the development of model for the solar DC bus system with the battery storage for the residential loads. The increasing of the power demand all over the world now need to be overcome. The use of fossil fuels as the main source of generating energy is not the best way as it will run out. The use of renewable energy is needed to overcome this problem. Solar systems are now growing up to overcome this problem. This project objective is to develop and simulate the model of the solar DC bus system with battery storage in order to be used for the residential load. The model for the AC system also will be developed. The system performance of both of the system will be study to find out whether DC bus system is good to be used in residential load to replace the AC bus system nowadays. The simulation of the system is done in the MATLAB Simulink in order to get the result. The efficiency of both the system is measured to compare which system is better to be used for residential loadsen_US
dc.subjectSolar Photovoltaicen_US
dc.titleSolar PV- Baterry Storage DC Bus System For Residential Loadsen_US