Design Improvement of a Wall - mounted Air Conditioning Unit Cross - flow Fan

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Abdullah Ehsan Roslan
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In this study, the rate of dust accumulation in an existing cross-flow fan and the effect of staggered angle on the rate of dust accumulation were investigated. Staggered angles for existing cross-flow fan and two new design of cross-flow fan were selected as the investigation parameter. An existing cross-flow fan was studied to identify parameters involve in designing new designs with different staggered angle. Three cross-flow fans were designed using CAE software, SolidWorks as 3D printer were used to develop prototypes. In addition, an experiment was conducted to test all prototypes. To perform all of these experiments in a relatively short time, small size models were design. Results were evaluated based on output parameters which were mass of cross-flow fan and rate of dust accumulation on cross-flow fan or mass flow rate. As the results of the study, overall mass flow rates for three models were obtained and presented. The result was analyzed and discussed to obtain new design of cross-flow fan that has lower rate of dust accumulation. This research would be useful for other researcher to produce more effective and efficient cross-flow fan.
FYP 2 SEM 1 2019 / 2020
Rate of dust accumulation , Cross- flow fan , Staggered angle