Development of training aid for backword handspring

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Yong jian wei
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Having a safe equipment for training a gymnastic skill is important for long term. Especially for backward handspring, it has been taught using the existing gymnastic matt to perform the skill. Number of gymnastics taught to be used a training aid, then the equipment can be support gymnast to perform their skills. The training aid is gradually developed to enter the manufacturing state and produce the first fully manufactured manufacturing prototype. The aim of this thesis is to develop for a beginner to learn the backward handspring. Besides that, it will help to reduce the impact force while using the training aid. Moreover, it will help to achieve the unsupported backward handspring. A lot of consideration to need to be aware such as fall, bend and extend, first flight, impact, snap action and landing when doing the design of backward handspring training aid. At the end of this project, the goal is to reduce the cost and enhance the training method.
Training aid , Backword handspring , Sport safe equippment