Design Solar Powered LED Street Light With Auto Intensity Control

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Vinodhan a/l Ayakanno
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This thesis deals on the topic of designing a solar powered streetlight with automatic intensity control and the using of LED lighting system. As the present world mentions, society is more on opting higher efficiencies systems to cater the loss of power and to reduce the usage of natural fuels and other non-renewable items as it will be depleted one day. The lighting system or ‘night light’ operated by the current streetlights is by using a Sodium Vapor filled light which is harmful for the environment operate on maximum power which resulting in higher power consumption and wastage at the same time. To tackle this issue, many researches has been conducted and experimented and most of the researchers suggest on opting a new type of lighting system which is LED lighting system, a typical cool ambient white colour emitting light which meets both the society’s needs which consumes less power but outputs a high luminary. This system is further developed into a standalone system by equipping with solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight as it is a renewable energy. This design of the smart saving streetlight system is beneficial for long term use and reliability.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Solar , Street Light , Automatic