Piezoelectric Model To Harvest Energy From Rainfall-Analysis Of Future Renewable Energy Source In Uniten

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Muhammad Akmal Aizat Bin Norizam
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This study contributes to the investigation of future renewable energy source in UNITEN. The use of energy in UNITEN is very high thus increasing the bills that needs to be paid monthly. In conjunction to that, a new way of generating electricity has been conducted to try to reduce energy that needs to be taken from the utility. The most common way of generating electricity other than taken from the utility is by using solar panels. The problem of using solar panels is the price to build it is very expensive. Hence, this study is conducted to find another way of generating electricity other than using solar panel. Piezoelectricity is another way of generating electricity by reducing the cost to build it. Piezoelectricity usage also did not harm the environment, so it is safe to be used widely. This study focused on using rain as the source to generate pressure to the piezoelectric transducers since rain is a natural activity which is the same as the rising sun. Since UNITEN also situated in Malaysia which is rain in rain, this study is very suitable to be conducted. This study also hope can be used widely as the other alternative of generating electricity other than using solar panels.
Piezoelectric Rainfall Renewable Energy Source