Solar Powered Smart Garbage Monitoring Sytem

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Chan Jin Lik
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This thesis reported the researched and developed of an entry level, affordable and easy to designed solar powered smart garbage monitoring system. In addition to that, the system ability to be implemented to the daily operation of our society such as municipal authorities or newly developed smart city projects is also discussed. The developed system had operated in such a way whereby a notification message will be send to the user phone application via internet, when the garbage inside the garbage bin reached a certain pre-program height level. The design of the monitoring system is also mentioned in this thesis. First off, solar panel is introduced in the system as to promote the usage of sustainable energy. Then, the solar panel will be used to charge a battery connected to the WiFi module which in this case also acted as the system main microcontroller; and a parallel connected ultrasonic sensor. Last but not least, this thesis also discussed some of the theory regarding designing the system. For instance, the WiFi module were to connected parallel with the ultrasonic sensor so that the load is not too high for the current to pass through.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Solar , Monitoring , System