Design of easly accessible scraper

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Uvanesh A/l Nagoor andavar
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The growth of algae in the aquarium is very annoying for many fish hobbits. There are many reasons that algae can growth in the aquarium. One of the reasons could be because the fish food and environment that caused the algae to growth. The fish food, which content mineral can cause the algae to growth. The algae in the aquarium either stick on the glass of the aquarium or floats in the water. The aim of this project is to design and implement the algae scraper tool that can helps to remove the algae in the aquarium quickly. The scraper designed will give better quality of cleaning, save time to clean and easy to manage the scraper after clean the aquarium. The design of the scraper is using PVC pipes as handle with three sides of sponge that attached on it. When the cleaning process takes place, the entire scraper just deep inside the aquarium and moves up and down to scrap the glass of the aquarium. At the end of the project, a small prototype of algae scraper tool will be developed to clean the size of aquarium 1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m. A comparison of scraper tools to cleaning aquarium with the one developed in this project is carried out. The comparison will look into the cleanliness of the aquarium, convenient and time saved. Keywords: Algae scraper, aquarium cleaning, comparison of the cleaning
Interim sem 2020 / 2021