Potential jatropha curcas (Jatropha curcas L.) germplasm by exploration in gorontalo province Indonesia

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Rusliyadi M.
Kumalasari R.T.
Nguyen P.T.
Hashim W.
Maseleno A.
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Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication
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These day Jatrophacurcas is very popular crop as oil fuel substitution able to repaired so that its availability very required by society. A good seed source is required to support high production Jatrophacurcas in Indonesia. Seeds can be obtained by exploring natural habitat to understand genotypic variability and ecological suitability for Jatrophacurcas production. Activity of this exploration is to know genotype of variability at the same time identify the existence of accession potential of Jatrophacurcas in gorontalo province to be able to support development Jatrophacurcas in Gorontalo province. Exploration executed by collecting, germ plasma documentation and characterizations apart exist in Gorontalo province henceforth evaluate and conservation in Balittas (Indonesian Sweetener and fiber Research Institute) to be used breeding activity. Jatrophacurcas potency in gorontalo province can bear fruit during the year marked with can bear fruit at dry season, long lived long lived potency more than 60 year and there to resilience shading of which is showed ably bearing fruit. Jatrophacurcas local type in Gorontalo there is owning potency to be used upon which plant in supporting Jatrophacurcas development, come from selecting and only preserving crop fulfilling the above mentioned criterion able to be used as by seed plants. � BEIESP.