Modeling the light attenuation phenomenon during photoautotrophic growth of A. variabilis ATCC 29413 in a batch photobioreactor

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Salleh S.F.
Kamaruddin A.
Uzir M.H.
Mohamed A.R.
Shamsuddin A.H.
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John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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BACKGROUND: Light attenuation in a photobioreactor is an inevitable phenomenon, which creates a heterogeneous radiation field inside the culture. However, few investigations have been carried out on the modeling of periodic light during cyanobacterial cell growth, despite the strong effect of the attenuating light irradiance on cell growth kinetics. The purpose of this work is to analyze the available growth models (Monod, Aiba-Edwards and Haldane) and to then develop a model that incorporates light attenuation phenomenon. RESULTS: The inhibitory Haldane model was found to be the best model to represent the current experimental data with ?max, KsI and KiI selected as 0.25 h?1, 190 �E m?2 s?1 and 850 �E m?2 s?1, respectively. A new light attenuation model was successfully developed by establishing the relationship between the attenuated light irradiance and the cell concentration. It is applicable to a broad range of light irradiances from 25 to 910 �E m?2 s?1. CONCLUSION: Light inhibition and attenuation imposed significant effects on cyanobacterial growth. The newly developed light attenuation model offers various possible future applications, which include automatic monitoring of the instantaneous cell concentration without the need for manual sampling, and effective optimization of the specific irradiation rate in indoor cultures. � 2016 Society of Chemical Industry. � 2016 Society of Chemical Industry
Cell growth; Cells; Cytology; Electromagnetic wave attenuation; Photobioreactors; Automatic monitoring; Cell concentrations; Cyanobacteria; Cyanobacterial cells; Growth modeling; Light attenuation; Photoautotrophic growth; Photobiore-actor; Growth kinetics; Anabaena variabilis; Article; batch reactor; cell growth; light irradiance; microbial growth; model; nonhuman; photoautotroph; photobioreactor; radiation attenuation