Review on the optimal placement, sizing and control of an energy storage system in the distribution network

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Wong L.A.
Ramachandaramurthy V.K.
Taylor P.
Ekanayake J.B.
Walker S.L.
Padmanaban S.
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Energy storage system (ESS) has developed as an important element in enhancing the performance of the power system especially after the involvement of renewable energy based generation in the system. However, there are a few challenges to employ ESS in distribution network, one of which is to ensure the best location and capacity so as to take the full advantage of installing ESS in the grid. In this paper, an extensive literature review on optimal allocation and control of ESS is performed. Besides, different technologies and the benefits of the ESS are discussed. Some case studies of ESS application in different part of the world are also presented. Finally, this paper emphasizes the future improvement of ESS control and performance to solve more complicated problems originated from the participation of renewable energy generation in the power system. � 2018 Elsevier Ltd
Artificial intelligence; Electric power distribution; Energy storage; Renewable energy resources; Energy storage systems; Future improvements; Literature reviews; Objective functions; Optimal allocation; Optimal placements; Renewable energy based generations; Renewable energy generation; Data storage equipment