Flexural behavior of double-skin steel tube beams filled with fiber-reinforced cementitious composite and strengthened with CFRP sheets

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Al-Nini A.
Nikbakht E.
Syamsir A.
Shafiq N.
Mohammed B.S.
Al-Fakih A.
Al-Nini W.
Amran Y.H.M.
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The concrete-filled double skin steel tube (CFDST) is a more viable option compared to a concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) due to consisting a hollow section, while degradation is enhanced simply by using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). Hence, the stabilization of a concrete's ductile strength needs high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious conmposite. This study investigates the behavior of high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composite-filled double-skin steel tube (HPCFDST) beams strengthened longitudinally with various layers, lengths, and configurtion of CFRP sheets. The findings showed that, with increased CFRP layers, the moment capacity and flexural stiffness values of the retrofitted HPCFDST beams have significantly improved. For an instant, the moment capacity of HPCFDST beams improved by approximately 28.5% and 32.6% when they were wrapped partially along 100% with two and three layers, respectively, compared to the control beam. Moreover, the moment capacity of the HPCFDST beam using two partial layers of CFRP along 75% of its sufficient length was closed to the findings of the beam with two full CFRP layers. For energy absorption, the results showed a vast disparity. Only the two layers with a 100% full length and partial wrapping showed increasing performance over the control. Furthermore, the typical failure mode of HPCFDST beams was observed to be local buckling at the top surface near the point of loading and CFRP rapture at the bottom of effect length. � 2020 by the authors.
Beams and girders; Carbon fiber reinforced plastics; Composite structures; Filled polymers; High performance concrete; Reinforcement; Steel fibers; Tubular steel structures; Carbon fiber reinforced polymer; Concrete filled doubleskin steel tube (CFDST); Concrete-filled steel tubes; Fiber reinforced cementitious composite; Flexural behavior; Flexural stiffness; High performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites; High-performance fibers; Fiber reinforced concrete