Effect of personal and professional characteristics towards ESL lecturers� digital competence

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Naim S.
Razak N.A.
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Science and Engineering Research Support Society
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The academic field is continuously facing the challenge to adapt to shifting trends, which are the turning point towards an emerging innovative and comprehensive skill set. In fact, digital learning encompasses the integration of digital tools in classrooms which has evolved the educators� practice. Past studies have consistently emphasized that the use of technology in classrooms to teach languages has a high positive impact on learning among students. However, to date, no study delved explicitly into the notion to evaluate the different factors that affect the digital competence among the English as Secondary Language (ESL) lecturers. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to examine the relationship of ESL lecturers� personal and professional characteristics towards their digital competence. The study used a quantitative approach in order to obtain the data, including questionnaires distributed to 233 ESL lecturers. The data collected was analyzed using description means and regression via SPSS 23 statistical analysis. The result revealed no significant relationship between the ESL lecturers� personal characteristics and some significant relationship of professional characteristics towards digital competence in terms of ICT education. The findings are expected to promote the quality of digital skills among ESL lecturers in Malaysian Higher Institutions. In addition, this study contributes to the growing body of knowledge on ESL lecturers� digital competence in linking with PDC, a topic which is still in its infancy stage in Malaysia. � 2020 SERSC.