Experimental investigation on axial velocity distribution for ship�s twin-propeller jets

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Yew W.-T.
Hashim R.
Ng K.-C.
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The investigation of twin-propeller jets as ships undergo acceleration is essential. This form of jet has been triggering problematic consequences such as seabed scouring. In order to prevent such scouring, near-bed velocities must first be analyzed in order to design the necessary protection when the under keel clearance of a ship is low when it is near port structures. This paper presents experimental work performed by Laser Doppler Anemometry. It is noticed that research into twin-propeller jet profiles still remains limited in the literature. Therefore, we intend to analyze twin-propeller axial velocity profiles and look into several flow characteristics such as efflux velocity and its decay pattern. Also, the measured velocity profile is compared to that of a single-propeller jet. Current results show that scouring is more severe in the case of the twin-propeller jets. � 2017 The Chinese Institute of Engineers.
Fenders (port structures); Laser Doppler velocimeters; Propellers; Ship propulsion; Ships; Velocity; Velocity distribution; Axial velocity; Axial-velocity distribution; Decay patterns; Experimental investigations; Flow charac-teristics; Laser Doppler anemometry; Velocity profiles; Ship propellers