Influence of nanofluid on heat transfer in a minichannel Liquid Cold Plate (LCP) for battery thermal management system of electric vehicle

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Amirul Syahmi Mohd. Azan
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Integration of nanofluid as the heat transfer medium for the battery thermal management system of an EV car has widely being studied over the years to determine the perfect combination of nanoparticles and base fluids through their thermophsyical performances. This research highlights on studying the effects of nanoparticles presence inside the conventional ethylene glycol cooling fluid and comparing it with the pure ethylene glycol in term of its thermal performance. Aside from that, the research also studies on the effects of implementing different types of oblique fins arrangements of the liquid cold plate, in which discussed to bring impacts to the performance of the cold plate. This research focuses on determining the thermal performances of the nanofluid as the main cooling medium for the battery thermal management system and its suitability of integrating inside the system. To accomplish the research objectives, preparation of the nanofluid will be conducted alongside several of its thermoproperty testings will be conducted and next integrating the synthesized nanofluid inside the system through experimental approaches. The results obtained from the experiment will be discussed and analysed and validation will be made based on several models from the previous related researches.
TL220.A44 2019
Electric vehicles , Nanofluids