Design of windpowered generator for portable batteries

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Prayenraj A/l Kumaresan
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The prime aim is to study the usage of portable batteries using a natural movement of air using any velocity. Moreover, the reason this project is carried out to fabricate the usage of renewable energy using innovation mechanical ideas. Based on literature review, journal study helps a lot to collect the right and useful data to implement a wind-powered portable size device. It also gives out a clear picture on the methods and process that have to done before to avoid errors later apart. For the methodology part, first thing is to choose the perfect material used for design. From several research that have been done, PLA Plastic is the best and most favourable material can use to create this design because it is the primary natural raw material used in 3D printing and also a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer that consist of renewable raw materials. Furthermore, working process of the design where a mini portable vertical axis wind turbine is attached to the DC motor to create an output of electricity, where it will be transforms for mechanical to electricity energy when velocity of air hits the blades of the turbines and start to spin/rotates. House of quality research can be concluded that the priority of improvement should be first given to the efficiency of the mechanical design, second is the power use by the wind turbine, third the types of materials, follow by the cost and rotation speed of the wind turbines. Three designs concept were produced and the selected design by using the morphological diagram method help to select the best concept design. The 3D design was produced using Solidworks software. The overall size of the design mechanism is 340mm height with five blades of wind turbines. The angle of each blade is 35 degree. The rotation of the wind turbine blades moves smoothly with the help of 3 ball bearing used to hold the top part of vertical axis wind turbines. Direct current from the DC motor will be transmitted to the USB Type-A Female port as the output of electrical energy. Basically, velocity of air as the input energy use to turn the blades where the DC motor will convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy as the output energy at USB Type-A Female port. There will be an external portable battery which Lithium ion battery to store the charged energy transmitted from the mini portable vertical axis turbine. Analysis carried out to find motion study and factor of safety for the design mechanism and as the result, the motion study is 100rpm which is also equal to 10.5 m/s and the factor of safety distribution is 2.6e + 003 as the minimum factor of safety.
Interim sem 2020 / 2021
Full final thesis