An Intelligent Controller for Improving Aging Factor of Energy Storage System Towards Grid Decarbonization

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Suthesh Perumal
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The proposed design in this project discusses about improving aging factor of energy storage system. There are several factors that affect aging of an energy storage system but the one that being taken into count in this project is temperature effect on lithium-ion batteries. Apart from that, other battery types has been discussed as well as other effects that may affect battery aging. The battery characteristics have also been taken into account and been discussed in literature review. The model that was proposed was built on MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The intelligent controller that was proposed is Fuzzy Logic Controller(FLC) but the other possible intelligent controller that can be used has been discussed as well. In the battery simulation model, it consist of two models which can be differentiated through the presence of battery with temperature effects and without temperature effects. The next model consists of the same two batteries with an addition of intelligent controller in which it will act to maintain temperature at a certain value even with the addition of ambient temperature. The SoC of the earlier model and of the second model will be compared to the effect of temperature on it. The SoC will also show both charging and dishcarging characteristics while maintaining good temperature with the addition of intelligent controller.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
intelligent controller aging factor