Optimization Analysis System of Pavement Maintenance On Surface Course: Cracking And Disintegration

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Muhammad Amer Danial Bin Rahmat
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Malaysia is upgrading to become a develop country and this cause the number of vehicles keep increasing from year to year and the load vehicles is subjected to the road pavemen due to the heavy axle load. The road pavement will be under high stress that can cause road distress and damages could be happen anytime. To overcome the road distress, a proper maintenance are required for the pavement with informations and suitable procedures. Unfortunately, there are many conflicts in order to do a proper maintenance such as budget constraints because of higher level of serviceability, restricted sources and time, having difficult time to find qualified professionals to fill these certain growing position in pavement maintenance and lack of knowledge among new workers or generations when the old expert are not sharing or deliver the informations to new generations. Thus, a pavement maintenance system were designed and developed using Google Site as an interface that containing all necessary informations that needed in orded to do the pavement maitenance such as production rate, unit cost data, manpower requirements, equipment requirements, pavement repair priority, resource constraints and other input information. This system was developed to provide the easy way to identify the maintenance for pavement distress affected that focussing on cracking, potholes and patches. All informations from different parameters was obtained based on a pavement maintenace agency, PMS Cemerlang Bina Sdn. Bhd., SUNWAY Building Materials , Institut Kerja Raya Malaysia IKRAM and research studies. The effectiveness of the system has been proven by survey analysis to numbers of respondents. The respondents also state that the system assisted them to be more flexible and make their work much easier. However, the system need to be improved in the future in terms of the system interface itself and the informations in the system that helps user to provide the solutions more accurate.
FYP Sem 2 2019/2020
Full Final Thesis