Effect of Marble Dust on the Mechanical, Morphological, and Wear Performance of Basalt Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Structural Applications

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Rajawat A.S.
Singh S.
Gangil B.
Ranakoti L.
Sharma S.
Asyraf M.R.M.
Razman M.R.
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The reinforcement of natural fibre and fillers in polymer resin is the latest trend followed by research groups and industries for the development of sustainable composites. Basalt fibre and waste marble powder are naturally occurring substances used to enhanced polymer properties. The present research examined the effect of both basalt fibre and waste marble powder in epoxy resin. The hand lay-up method was employed to fabricate the composite and test for mechanical and wear behaviour. The tensile, flexural, and impact energy were enhanced up to 7.5 wt. % of WMP, and the Vickers hardness of epoxy enhanced every state of reinforcement of WMP. The specific wear rate was observed to be increased with the addition of WMP until 7.5 wt. %. Scanning electron microscopy was performed to examine the nature of fractured surface wear phenomena. � 2022 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
Basalt; Dust; Epoxy resins; Fibers; Marble; Scanning electron microscopy; Vickers hardness; Wear of materials; Basalt fiber; Fiber reinforced epoxy composites; Marble dust; Mechanical; Mechanical performance; SEM analysis; Sliding wear; Structural applications; Waste marble powders; Wear performance; Reinforcement