A review on modeling of flexible deformable object for dexterous robotic manipulation

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Hou Y.C.
Sahari K.S.M.
How D.N.T.
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In this article, we present a review on the recent advancement in flexible deformable object modeling for dexterous manipulation in robotic system. Flexible deformable object is one of the most research topics in computer graphic, computer vision, and robotic literature. The deformable models are known as the construction of object with material parameters in virtual environment to describe the deformation behavior. Existing modeling techniques and different types of deformable model are described. Various approaches of deformable object modeling have been used in robotic recognition and manipulation in order to reduce the time and cost to obtain more accurate result. In robotic manipulation, object detection, classification, and recognition of deformable objects are always a challenging problem and required as a first step to imbue the robot to able handle these deformable objects. Furthermore, the dexterity of robot control is also another essential key in handling of deformable object which its manipulation strategies need to plan intelligently for each sequence process. We also discuss some deserving direction for further research based on most current contribution. � The Author(s) 2019.
Computer vision; Object detection; Robotics; Virtual reality; Deformable modeling; Deformable object; Deformable object modeling; Dexterous manipulation; Manipulation strategy; recognition and manipulation; Robotic controls; Robotic manipulation; Deformation