Capacitor bank placement in radial distribution system using Firefly algorithm method

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Annammal A/P Lukus
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In radial distribution system, as the system grows higher the load demand also increases which often results in power losses and voltage collapse. The losses produced in the system are in terms of real and reactive powers, and the voltage drop is due to insufficient of reactive power in the system. Thus, placement of the capacitor bank on weak buses have been performed in this research paper to reduce the power losses and to improve the voltage profile. The Line Stability Index (Lmn) been developed on the MATLAB for the weak buses determination on the IEEE-30 test bus system. This index was performed on the test system for different contingency cases. Futhermore, the results obtained from the Lmn index is compared and proved with the QV analysis obtained using PSS/E software. Nevertheless, a Firefly Algorithm (FA) has been proposed to find the optimal size of capacitor. Hence, the comparison is done among the uncompensated, compensated and optimization cases. In conclusion, the optimization case is found to be robust, efficient and cost saving due to usage of small size of capacitor bank.
Distributed generation of electric power , Capacitor banks , Computer algorithm