Simulation and analysis of faults in HDVC power transmission lines

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Muhammad Izzuddin Noor Sali
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High Voltage Direct Current technology has certain characteristics which make it especially attractive for transmission system applications. HVDC transmission system is useful for long-distance transmission, bulk power delivery and long submarine cable crossings and asynchronous interconnections. The study of faults is essential for reasonable protection design because the faults will induce a significant influence on operation of HVDC transmission system. This project will be focuses on tests are presented in stages to isolate the effects of line fault, grid control, and line resistance. All the simulations will be simulating in Matlab Simulink. The parameter of the system is taking from the research articles and implementing into the system. The component of the HVDC system such as converter, smoothing reactor, harmonic filter, de line filter and AC circuit breaker has been use in order to successfully complete the system. The fault was applied at AC side of the system which is at red, yellow and blue phase. The fault has been achieved by putting 3 phase fault component in Matlab Simulink. By investigating this fault, the system can reduce this harmonic by design a filter. Mostly the filter use in real world is double tune filter rather than single or triple tune filter because this is economical component Line resistance is the most important part at the DC side. The cable has their own R, L, C rated value which with these parameter will indicate the distance protection relay to detect the faults. The grid control is to maintain the output of the HVDC system so that the desire output will be achieved. The protection in HVDC is significant to make the system more stable and the expensive component such as transformer, circuit breaker, surge arrestor, and other component in substation is good condition. Then, the HVDC system will be durable for long time with a good maintenance by the workers especially in protection unit. The HVDC system commonly has been implemented in China, USA, India and Malaysia-Thailand which deliver a good power system with less power losses. The HVDC is actually better than HVAC for less expensive for long distance transmission, reduce line losses, enable power transmission between 2 asynchronous AC system and minimize system disturbances. 5 طرح تے اوہ اور کیسے
TK3111.M83 2018
Electric power transmission