Optimization technique based on cluster head selection algorithm for 5G-enabled IoMT smart healthcare framework for industry

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Jaaz Z.A.
Ansari M.D.
Josephng P.S.
Gheni H.M.
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De Gruyter Open Ltd
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Internet of medical things (IoMT) communication has become an increasingly important component of 5G wireless communication networks in healthcare as a result of the rapid proliferation of IoMT devices. Under current network architecture, widespread access to IoMT devices causes system overload and low energy efficiency. 5G-based IoMT systems aim to protect healthcare infrastructure and medical device functionality for longer. Therefore, using energy-efficient communication protocols is essential for enhancing QoS in IoMT systems. Several methods have been developed recently to improve IoMT QoS; however, clustering is more popular because it provides energy efficiency for medical applications. The primary drawback of the existing clustering technique is that their communication model does not take into account the chance of packet loss, which results in unreliable communication and drains the energy of medical nodes. In this study, we concentrated on designing a clustering model named Whale optimized weighted fuzzy-based cluster head selection algorithm to facilitate successful communication for IoMT-based systems. The experimental study shows that the proposed strategy performs better in terms of QoS than compared approaches. Inferring from this, the proposed method not only reduces energy consumption levels of 5G-based IoMT systems but also uniformly distributes cluster-head over a network to improve QoS. � 2022 Zahraa A. Jaaz et al., published by De Gruyter.
5G mobile communication systems; Cluster analysis; Energy efficiency; Health care; Low power electronics; Medical applications; Network architecture; 'current; Cluster-head selections; Healthcare infrastructure; Internet of medical thing; Lower energies; Medical Devices; Optimization techniques; Selection algorithm; Wireless communications networks; WOWF-CHSA; Energy utilization