Study Of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) For Baby Monitoring System

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Mohamad Syafiq Iqmal Mohamad Affendi
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Increase in energy demand had been a major problem for utility company. This is because to meet the energy demand, a large plants are needed. A coal plant was a suitable choice for the job. But nowadays people more concern about environment pollution. Coal plant one of the contributor for releasing carbon to the air. Carbon can polluted the air thus will give harm to the environment. This event cause distributed generation (DG) into the spot light. DG mainly generate electricity from natural resource such as wind, solar or water. Thus it will not release substances that can harm the environment. The advantage of natural resources are they will not exhausted. This can decrease the cost to generate the electricity. Location that reach with natural resources is rural area. But to install a DG at rural area will rise issues in the system. This is due to the location of rural area are far from main grid. Thus the network strength is low. Thus it easily will causes issues in the system. Although the technology of DG are quite advance but the awareness about the issues rise in the system with installation of DG still low. Some of the developer still take the issues lightly although it may lead to a lot of financial losses. Hydropower plant have a big potential in Malaysia, due to Malaysia have a lot of water source. It is normally connected with a substation in rural area due to the location of the river or water source. But base on Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) annual report 2017, hydropower plant only contribute 11.09% from total power generate by all renewable sources. Therefore a research about technical impact of hydropower plant in rural area had been done. This is to make others aware and prepare for developing a new hydropower plant
Hydropower , Rural Area , DG