Characterization of red soil as oxygen carrier ..

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Shanmuham Arumugam
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This thesis report deals with the characterization of RS with MgO as an OC by varying the molar concentration of MgO used for CLC, which is one of the carbon capture process technology for controlling CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The project's primary goal is to investigate the optimum concentration of MgO combined with RS for CLC. In this project, Ferum-based natural material was selected from five OC bases because it is cheapest and benign environment, MgO was selected as an inert support of OC. XRD, SEM, EDX and particle size distribution characterized the four different dry impregnated samples made of RS that mixed with MgO at molar concentrations of 0.25M,0.5M,0.75M and 1.0M.From the SEM analysis, the particle size in the sample that consists of RS that is mixed with MgO at a molar concentration of 1.0 M is smaller than other particle and some particles are well developed in the sample as well. This sample material can be a good reactor as it has a smaller and more stable pore structure. The XRD revealed that sharper diffraction peaks with greater intensity were found in the sample that made RS that mixed with MgO at 1.0 M molar concentration relative to other samples. This is because the higher the molar concentration the lower the crystallite value. The EDX indicates that in samples other than Magnesium (Mg) and Ferum (Fe), elements such as Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Aluminum (Al), Titanium (Ti) and Silicon (Si) were introduced because RS used as raw. The allocation of particle size showed that the sample of RS that mixed with MgO at a molar concentration of 1.0 M is most suitable compared to other samples as it has the lowest average particle size which is 72.43μm.The OC sample powders are synthesized using dry impregnation method and characterized as successful for CLC application. In brief, the sample made of RS that mixed with MgO at a molar concentration of 1.0 M is the most suitable
Oxygen carrier , Chemical looping combustion , Red soil , Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate