Steady State and Transient Analysis of a Grid Connected Large-Scale Solar Plant in IEEE 9-Bus Transmission Networks

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Kamarudin M.N.
Hashim T.J.T.
Rahmat N.A.
Verayiah R.
Ramasamy A.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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With the increasing demand for alternative renewable resources penetration into the grid to mitigate the environmental issue caused by conventional generations, it is essential for the solar PV system to remain connected to the grid regardless of various loads and fault conditions. This paper investigates the impact of a grid connected large-scale solar (LSS) PV with different sizing connected to the IEEE 9 bus system. The LSS PV model in IEEE 9 bus system has been modelled using MATLAB/Simulink and is controlled by a three-phase inverter with LCL filter. The study focuses on the stability assessment performed using steady state load flow analysis under various load conditions while transient analysis looks into fault conditions. The system was subjected to various types of transient events like single phase fault, phase to phase fault, and three phase faults. The results obtained from the steady state analysis have shown that the sizing and placement of LSS PV can improve the voltage level in the overall system in various load conditions. On the other hand, the findings from the transient analysis for the worst-case scenario of three phase fault during base load condition shows the fault was cleared within the timeframe and the system are able to recover to normal operating conditions within 150 millisecond. � 2022 IEEE.
Electric inverters; Electric load flow; MATLAB; System stability; Fault; Fault conditions; Grid-connected; Large-scale solar PV system; Large-scales; Load condition; Simulink software; Solar PV systems; Solar PVs; Steady state; Transient analysis