Bibliometric Analysis of Published Literature on e-Wallet

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Sugu R.
Hussain A.
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The term e-wallet were introduced way back in 1990. First documents regarding e-wallet published in 1995. The research on e-wallet rises drastically after 2017 whereby most people get exposure to the advantages of e-wallet. Banks in Malaysia start offering e-wallet services and e-wallet account since 2018. Thus, the plan of this investigation is analyzing the literature published in the field of e-wallet which are listed in Scopus. The data were exported from Scopus using various methods. Publish or Perish software used to calculate Citation metrics, VOS Viewer used to visualize the data to show the relationship. One of the main tools used is Microsoft Excel to perform data analysis. Standard bibliometric analysis method applied. Based on the search on Scopus, 127 documents were founded in the database, majority of the documents published in English, the number of publications increases after year 2017. One of the main keywords used in the field of e-wallet are digital payment and electronic wallet. Most research related to e-wallet conducted in India while the most cited paper is from France. This study helps to present the development of the scientific literature in e-wallet and helps to identify areas and trends of current research which will lead to potential future research. � 2021. All Rights Reserved.