A generic evaluation framework of smart manufacturing systems

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Mahmoud M.A.
Grace J.
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Many studies have discussed the different characteristics and technologies associated with Smart Manufacturing System (SMS), however, little attention has been devoted to study a configuration evaluation and selection challenges while establishing a new SMS that requires pre-implementation planning and assessment. Few interesting frameworks/models have been recently proposed by literature to tackle these challenges, but unfortunately these studies overlooked the importance of identifying evaluation and selection criteria to come out with coherent framework for measuring the effectiveness of SMS configurations prior to implementation. To fill up the gap, this study aims to formulate an evaluation and selection framework for of SMS configurations. To do so, this paper reviews existing SMS configuration assessment framework, simulation models, and evaluation and selection criteria and Subsequently identifies the framework phases and the model of each phase. Finally, a digital twin-based simulation model is introduced for future development. � 2019 The Authors.
Flow control; Industry 4.0; Information systems; Information use; Coherent frameworks; Configuration; Evaluation criteria; Evaluation framework; Generic evaluation; Implementation planning; Selection criteria; Selection framework; Manufacture