Electrical Protection in EV AC Charging Station

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Hazirah binti Rahim
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Electric vehicle charging infrastructure plays a crucial role in its development and significant growth in the market. As the number of electric cars and the charging stations steadily rises, many questions regarding taking action against an electrical hazard such as the arc flash phenomenon and the verification of charging stations for electric vehicles. Unfortunately, people are wounded, burned, or killed every year due to this risk. In parallel with population growth in metropolitan cities, there are increasing levels of the short-circuit power system and arc flash risk. This project provides an overview of the arc-flash analysis and measures to avoid risks at the EV AC charging station. The level of Arc flash hazard is measured by computer simulation named ETAP software. In evaluating the simulation results, IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70 standards are considered. Arc flash assessment is investigated as a solution to identify and take specific precautions to reduce the damage in an accident. The assessment will reveal the hazard level in a network that enables the selection of arc flash PPE and recommended safety boundaries to avoid a second-degree burn.
Interim Semester 2020/2021
AVC Flash Assessment