Wireless Power Transmission Using Mini Tesla Coil For Domestic Loads

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Loh Toong Shing
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Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) is the transfer of electricity to electrical loads via a wireless medium. Imagine a future with the convenience of wireless, smart phone, laptop, electric vehicle or even household loads can even be powered or charged wirelessly. This not only feasible but also a great alternative to wires as they are low cost and reduce the waste of our resources to produce cable. WPT can also be use for house at rural areas where electric power services are unavailable. This is a low-cost solution approach which will be explained later on. There are three types of WPT, which are near field, mid-range and far field. This research emphasizes on magnetic resonance inductive coupling which is a mid-range WPT suitable for equipment of our daily use. For that purpose, this paper demonstrates it with a DC solid-state Tesla Coil. Various performance evaluation is done to determine the performance parameter of this Tesla coil. There is also a receiver Tesla Coil connecting to a load where actual WPT is presented. The efficiency of these Tesla coils is were to be determined in the experiment.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020