Design& development of organic sugarcane molassses production machine

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Nazirul Mubin bin Zebidi
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In this modern day, everything is changing from traditionally operated to automated machine. In becoming towards the new industrial 4.0 where almost all new invention is operated by wifi or wirelessly. Industrial revolution is rapidly increasing alongside the presence of electricity. Innovation is created and designed consistently in our advanced globalization world. Innovation is circling around with the fundamental of our daily life to make everything easier and technological influenced. The portable sugar cane’ molasses production machine is another effort of innovation to change the way of how molasses is being made traditionally to its automated operation. This project is keen to help people from rural area or less fortunate make some small business using a small and cheap machine to produce their desired product. This machine is almost a multipurpose cooker. It can cook from making molasses by extracting the natural sugar from sugar cane to making caramelised popcorn or even producing chocolate related product like the “choco jar” that people sell nowadays. The purpose of this project is to design an automated portable sugar cane production machine. The design of this project is made by using PTC Creo software. In the making of this project, a physical one to one size of the machine is built. The prototype is then being tested to see the mechanism and system working compared to the traditional way. The results gathered shows that the prototype is easier to handle and more efficient. The problem encounter are also taken into account and the countermeasures are suggested for further improvement
Interim sem 2020 / 2021
Molasses , Sugarcane