GSM Web-Based Centralized Remote Wireless Automatic Controlling and Monitoring of Aquafeeder

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Wong C.L.
Idris A.
Hasan Z.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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This project is about producing a prototype to feed fishes at fish ponds of remote location with the use of GSM mobile phone. An automatic fish feeder is an electric device that has been designed to give out the right amount of pellets at the designed time. In this project, the automatic feeder designed consists of photovoltaic solar cells that are used to generate electricity and storing it into batteries. Solar charge controllers can be used to determine the rate of which current is drawn and added from the batteries. GSM cellular communication is used to allow user to control from a distance. Commands or instructions are sent to the operating system which in return runs the servomotor and blower by blowing certain amount of fish pallets into the pond to feed the fishes. The duration of the feeding processes is fixed by the user, hence the amount of fish food pallets released are precisely the same for each time. This technology is especially useful for fish farmers where they can remotely feed their fishes.
Electric batteries; Feeding; Fish ponds; Lakes; Pallets; Secondary batteries; Solar cells; Solar power generation; Automatic feeders; Electric devices; Fish feeders; Generate electricity; GSM mobiles; Photovoltaic solar cells; Remote location; Solar charge controller; Fish; artificial diet; design; electricity generation; electronic equipment; photovoltaic system; pond culture; remote sensing; technological development; telecommunication; Pisces