Design Enhancement And Analysis Of Thermoelectric Generator System (TEGs)

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Kanneshkumar A/L Arunasalan
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Nowadays human's activities have prompted atmospheric and natural issues on carbon emission due to immense fossil fuel usage. This project focuses on a thermoelectric generator system to reduce the carbon emission problems. In this project six (6) thermoelectric modules and DC to DC booster converter module were utilized to generate electric power. As an outcome. this experiment successfully produce voltage as indicated by Seebeck effect. This power generation system worked appropriately that handled heat in combustion and directly transformed into electrical energy. When temperature difference increases voltage and power provided also increase. The minimum voltage gain from this experiment is 0.175V while the current and power are 0.01 A and 0.175m\V. The maximum voltage in this experiment 2 V while current and power are 0.01SA and 36mW. This shows that the voltage is directly proportional to power and current. Initially the prototype is develop using PLA material but it was distorted due to high temperature releasing from heating source. From PLA material change to PC material to develop the prototype which can withstand high temperature. Finally, the prototype successfully developed and the produced voltage is store in battery.