From 5g to 6g technology: Meets energy, internet-of-things and machine learning: A survey

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Mahdi M.N.
Ahmad A.R.
Qassim Q.S.
Natiq H.
Subhi M.A.
Mahmoud M.
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Due to the rapid development of the fifth-generation (5G) applications, and increased demand for even faster communication networks, we expected to witness the birth of a new 6G technology within the next ten years. Many references suggested that the 6G wireless network standard may arrive around 2030. Therefore, this paper presents a critical analysis of 5G wireless networks�, significant technological limitations and reviews the anticipated challenges of the 6G communication networks. In this work, we have considered the applications of three of the highly demanding domains, namely: energy, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and machine learning. To this end, we present our vision on how the 6G communication networks should look like to support the applications of these domains. This work presents a thorough review of 370 papers on the application of energy, IoT and machine learning in 5G and 6G from three major libraries: Web of Science, ACM Digital Library, and IEEE Explore. The main contribution of this work is to provide a more comprehensive perspective, challenges, requirements, and context for potential work in the 6G communication standard. � 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.