The AGEB algorithm for solving the heat equation in two space dimensions and its parallelization on a distributed memory machine

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Sahimi M.S.
Abdullah A.R.
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In this paper, a computational analysis of parallelized a class of the AGE method based on the Brian variant (AGEB) is presented using (2 x 2) blocks. The resulting schemes are found to be effective in reducing data storage accesses and communication time on a distributed computer system. All the parallel strategies were developed on a cluster of workstations based on Parallel Virtual Machine environment [6]. The experiments were run on the homogeneous cluster of 20 Intel Pentium IV PCs, each with a storage of 20GB and speed of 1.6MHz. Finally, the results of some computational experiments and performance measurements will be discussed. In conclusion, the communication cost and computational complexity have effected the efficiency of the parallel strategies. � Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003.
Artificial intelligence , Computer science , Computers , Algorithm for solving , Cluster of workstations , Computational analysis , Computational experiment , Distributed memory machines , Parallel strategies , Parallel virtual machines , Performance measurements , Digital storage