A Short Review: Issues and Threats Pertaining the Security of SCADA Systems

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Qassim Q.S.
Jamil N.
Mahdi M.N.
Cob Z.C.
Rahim F.A.
Sidek L.M.
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SCADA systems are commonly used to track and manage utilities in vital national infrastructures including electricity generation and delivery, transportation networks, water supply and manufacturing, and manufacturing facilities. Cyber-attacks that threaten data privacy in SCADA networks, such as unauthorised misuse of sensor or control signals, may have a significant effect on the functioning of sensitive national infrastructure by causing device operators to make incorrect decisions, which could result in disastrous outcomes. Therefore, the cyber-security of SCADA systems has been an active topic of research for the past decades due to the potentially disastrous impact on the environment, public safety, and economy when these systems are breached or compromised. This paper examines the current security posture of SCADA systems from the perspective of data and cybersecurity and to propose recommendations for enhancing protection measures. � 2021, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
Authentication; Computer crime; Crime; Cyber attacks; Data privacy; Manufacture; Network security; SCADA systems; Water supply; Control signal; Electricity delivery; Electricity-generation; Manufacturing facility; National infrastructure; SCADA; Security; Sensor signals; Transportation network; Vulnerability; Cryptography