Development Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester For Mobile Phone Charger

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Muhammad Khairil Solihin Bin Rosli
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The thesis reviews the development of fresh and unique green energy technology, which is piezoelectric technology in terms of application for renewable energy harvesting. Today, the population in this globe, particularly Malaysia, is increasing and the demand for power use is also increasing linearly. In addition, energy wastage improved as the impact of this increasing population in many respects. For instance, the regular daily activities performed by walking beings and the energy generated when walking is wasted in the form of pressure and vibration to the floor. The main solution to this issue is therefore to reform the energy back to the usable form that can be achieved using Piezoelectric Technology. This piezoelectric effect can transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. This project's first portion focuses on constructing a piezoelectric shoes that can generate low energy output. Using shoe and shoe lace make up this piezoelectric shoes. The energy harvester circuit is the second key component of this project. The AC energy will be generated as a human stroll using the piezoelectric shoe. AC power will be new into DC power and stored in the rechargeable battery by using this energy harvester circuit. The mobile phone is then charged with the rechargeable battery. The prototype of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Mobile Phone Charger is therefore basically a prototype used to harvest mechanical energy from piezoelectric material and transform it into electrical energy to be used for charging tiny electronic equipment like mobile phones.
Piezoelectric Energy