Factors affecting client�s involvement in construction projects

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Al Barami M.A.
Thiruchelvam S.
Ibrehem A.S.
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Science and Engineering Research Support Society
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The client has a great influence on construction activities, which will decide the success or failure of a particular project. Hence, the client's goal is to attain the desired outcome through good design, good planning, and good construction. It has been suggested that success in construction projects is attributed to the knowledge and skills of the client. The client�s perception of their role affects their decisions making capabilities in the early project phases. Furthermore, clients needed to understand the entire desired quality requirements to ensure full satisfaction. The client, as project owner has to ensure that the project is undertaken in a manner such that all risks are minimized. When clients are close and frequently participating in managing a project they are mostly pleased with the outcomes. Therefore, clients are considered to be the energetic force in the construction sectors as well as a central to the construction projects. The improvement in low client participation in construction sectors is necessary to enhance the client findingthe ideal blend of performance. Therefore, it is significant to recognize the attributeswhich reduces the client participation in the construction sector so that efforts can be taken to mitigate this important concern. Hence, this paper presents a systematic review to gain a better picture of the factors affecting client involvement in the construction sector in Sultanate of Omanand thereafter proposing the appropriate recommendations for active engagement of clients in projects. � 2019 SERSC.