Study of Causes Affecting Time Overrun of Construction For Contractor Grade G4 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Iqbal Zharif bin Bunaim
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Time overrun or delay is a common occurrence around the globe worldwide. This occurrence includes underdeveloped countries and even developing countries, including Malaysia. Even with many studies and researches, a majority of them discuss the general issues causing these delays. This research study discusses more in-depth for the factors of delays related to the contractor of grade G4 around the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It identifies the root causes of construction delay in the small contracting company as well as the rankings of these causes. The primary data is obtained through the collected questionnaire survey from the companies in the scope of the study area. Responses were obtained from a variety of contracting companies of the same grade G4 in the targeted study area. The result revealed that contractor related delay is the second most contributed factors in the grouping of delays next to weather related delay. The study indicates that for the contractor related delay, the most significant cause is the delays related to subcontractors work, followed by deficiency in planning and scheduling of project, and poor communication and coordination with other parties by the contractors.
Interim Semester 2020/2021
Time Overrun , Contractor , Grade G4