A Distributed Memory Parallel Fourth-Order IADEMF Algorithm

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Mansor N.A.
Zulkifle A.K.
Alias N.
Hasan M.K.
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Science and Information Organization
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The fourth-order finite difference Iterative Alternating Decomposition Explicit Method of Mitchell and Fairweather (IADEMF4) sequential algorithm has demonstrated its ability to perform with high accuracy and efficiency for the solution of a one-dimensional heat equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions. This paper develops the parallelization of the IADEMF4, by applying the Red-Black (RB) ordering technique. The proposed IADEMF4-RB is implemented on multiprocessor distributed memory architecture based on Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) environment with Linux operating system. Numerical results show that the IADEMF4-RB accelerates the convergence rate and largely improves the serial time of the IADEMF4. In terms of parallel performance evaluations, the IADEMF4-RB significantly outperforms its counterpart of the second-order (IADEMF2-RB), as well as the benchmarked fourth-order classical iterative RB methods, namely, the Gauss-Seidel (GS4-RB) and the Successive Over-relaxation (SOR4-RB) methods. � 2019. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications. All Rights Reserved.
Boundary conditions; Computer operating systems; Iterative methods; Distributed Memory; Distributed memory architecture; Fourth-order; Fourth-order method; Iterative alternating decomposition; Parallel performance; Parallel performance evaluation; Performances evaluation; Red-black; Red-black orderings; Memory architecture