Enforcement of systematic layout planning to boost productivity

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Nurul Amirah Binti Ramli
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This thesis comprises of the development of more systematic facility layout based on the original facility layout for the purpose of manufacturing productivity improvement. The initiative made to boost productivity started from the process of identifying associated factors contributed to unnecessary waste and providing methods to eliminate waste in production. Currently, the evolution of advanced technology had generated vast amounts of opportunity for productivity improvement to elevate and shape the manufacturing competitiveness of an organization. The research is set to maximize the utilization of production, planning and control knowlegde into the real manufacturing processes in a production line. The study includes the ability to identify problems encountered by real manufacturing organization and to translate a set of qualitative data to quantitative data. Data conversion process was crucial to analyze and unfold a measurable result for the original facility layout as well as the proposed alternative facility layouts. A comprehensive discussion, conclusion and recommendation for the research had been generated to fulfil all objectives outlined at the beginning of the research.
Production layout , Lean manufacturing , Productivity