Implementation and use of multi chamber arresters for 33kV overhead lines in Malaysia

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Abdullah N.
Osman M.
Kadir M.Z.A.A.
Hatta N.M.
Ariffin M.F.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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Multi chambers arresters were installed on 33kV bare overhead line in Malaysia to improve the line trippings due to lightning. In this pilot study, the line was equipped with line fault indicators and auto recloser for transient event recording. Field monitoring was carried out to determine feasibility and reliability of the device in preventing line trippings due to lightning. The case study line has been experiencing a significant amount of lightning activities, a total of 1,805 lightning strikes, detected by TNBR Lightning Detection System during 6 months monitoring period with an average peak current of 18.61 kA. Observation of one-time indicators has shown that 31 out of 180 devices have operated during the monitoring period. Line lightning performance analysis was carried out to quantify the effectiveness of the device in reducing tripping rate. � 2019 IEEE.
Overhead lines; Bare overhead lines; Distribution lines; Lightning activity; Lightning detection; Lightning performance; Lightning strikes; Monitoring periods; Multi-chamber; Lightning