Determination of Slope Instability Using Spatially Integrated Mapping Framework

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Baharuddin I.N.Z.
Omar R.C.
Roslan R.
Khalid N.H.N.
Hanifah M.I.M.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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The determination and identification of slope instability are often rely on data obtained from in-situ soil investigation work where it involves the logistic of machineries and manpower, thus these aspects may increase the cost especially for remote locations. Therefore a method, which is able to identify possible slope instability without frequent ground walkabout survey, is needed. This paper presents the method used in prediction of slope instability using spatial integrated mapping framework which applicable for remote areas such as tropical forest and natural hilly terrain. Spatial data such as geology, topography, land use map, slope angle and elevation were used in regional analysis during desktop study. Through this framework, the occurrence of slope instability was able to be identified and was validate using a confirmatory site- specific analysis. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Engineering research; Infiltration; Land use; Machinery; Plasma stability; Regional planning; Stability; Framework; Integrated; Regional analysis; Slope; Slope instability; Soil investigation; Spatially; Tropical forest; Mapping