Power quality problems and solutions

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Atputharajah A.
Ramachandaramurthy V.K.
Pasupuleti J.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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This paper addresses the power quality problems and solutions related to (i) wind power generation and (ii) large industrial customers. Intermittent nature of wind power affects the quality of its electrical power output. The usage of low cost energy saving equipments also generates harmonics and voltage flicker thus affects the quality of supply voltage. A wide rang of solutions are being already proposed with the development on power electronic devices and electrical machines. This paper is organized to discuss the (i) power quality problems in brief, (ii) four major developments in wind generator technologies and (iii) solutions to large industrial customers using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), Active Power Filter (APF) and Static Compensator (STATCOM). Finally development in power electronic devices' control is briefed in each of the devices, which has utilizes these power electronic devices with integrated solutions to solve number of power quality problems. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
Active filters , Electric machinery , Electric power generation , Electric power systems , Synchronous machinery , Wind power , Active power filters , Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) , Electrical power output , Industrial customer , Integrated solutions , Power electronic devices , Power quality problem , Wind generator systems , conference proceeding , electronic equipment , energy conservation , power generation , renewable resource , wind power , Quality control