Design and Development of Dual Power Generation Solar and Windmill Generator

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Ismail F.B.
Al-Muhsen N.F.O.
Noruddin N.I.
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Warsaw University of Technology
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The fast depletion of conventional energy resources and the issue of global warming have encouraged researchers worldwide to come up with the best energy solution. Renewable energy resources such as wind and solar energy have been widely adopted as an alternative source of energy. In this work, an integrated solar and wind energy system were implemented aiming to produce the maximum possible output power from the available renewable energy resources such as solar irradiance and wind energy. The proposed system comprised two solar modules and horizontally rotating wind blades. An energy storage system plus a charge controller were also used aiming to improve the overall energy conversion efficiency. The results showed that this system demonstrated superior performance compared with the solar modules and wind system when they had worked individually. The proposed system was generating an average energy of 61.729 Wh daily. Therefore, it was estimated that the system can generate an annual output power of about 207.4 kWh. During the conducted experiments, the solar panels worked as the main source of the generated energy while the wind system acted as a secondary source of energy during the solar absent times. Moreover, the safety factor was calculated to be within the limits of 2 that shows the proposed system can work according to the industrial safety limits of Malaysia. �2020 Int. J. Elec. & Elecn. Eng. & Telcomm.