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Syed Ikmal Hakim Bin Syed Ismail
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Nowadays, global warming and pollution are issues of great concern. The urgent need to address the issue of greenhouse gases has led to several alternative solutions to fossil fuels. Among the several renewable energies, biogas sparkles because of its various economic and environmental advantages. When compared to fossil fuels that may come from miles and miles away, biogas has the benefit of being formed often near its users thus reducing transport and handling outlays. In addition, agricultural enterprises benefit from substantial savings when fertilizing their crops by using the fertilizer produced by anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is a process which organic materials are broken down by micro-organisms without the presence of oxygen. When biogas known as a renewable energy that can be formed nearby of its users, a home biodigester was introduced. Home biodigester are also recognized as a continuous-fed system. Therefore, this project is mainly to design and develop a home biodigester where it will produce methane gas which will be used for cooking as well as electricity. Then, the biogas residue can also be used for plant fertilization. Anaerobic digestion produces two products which are digestate and biogas. This digestate also called biogas residue is a nutrient-rich biofertilizer. For this project fruit and vegetables waste are the main reactants to operate anaerobic digestion starting with horse manure as the accelerants to allow the growth of bacteria. Hence, as this home biodigester is a continuous fed system, the tank will be fed with fruits and vegetables waste everyday. All data and observation taken was auto-calculated by a website named “Biogas World” where the amount of horse manure and daily wastages were inserted thus the TS, VS and BMP values will be automatically calculated. The presence of methane produced in the DSR will be observed in daily basis.