Axial ratio enhancement of equilateral triangular-ring slot antenna using coupled diagonal line slots

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Awaludin A.
Sumantyo J.T.S.
Santosa C.E.
Baharuddin M.Z.
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Electromagnetics Academy
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Wideband circularly polarized antenna is required for many satellite applications. Circularly polarized (CP) Equilateral Triangular-Ring Slot (ETRS) antenna has narrow 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth (ARBW) compared to its impedance bandwidth. Two diagonal line slots were introduced to ETRS for enhancing its 3-dB ARBW. The diagonal line slots were inserted on the left and right side of ETRS. Lengths of the left and right line slots correspond to the lowest and highest frequencies of ETRS antenna 3-dB ARBW, respectively. Both diagonal line slots have successfully improved 3-dB ARBW of ETRS antenna by achieving 680 MHz or 37% fractional bandwidth. Measured results of x-z and y-z planes of radiation patterns also confirm that the antenna has bidirectional radiation and presents good CP performance within its 3-dB ARBW. ETRS antenna RHCP gain is also improved thanks to the diagonal line slots insertion. � 2016, Electromagnetics Academy. All Rights Reserved.
Bandwidth; Circular polarization; Directional patterns (antenna); Electric impedance; Axial ratio bandwidth; Circularly polarized; Circularly polarized antennas; Fractional bandwidths; Impedance bandwidths; Measured results; Satellite applications; Triangular ring slot; Slot antennas