Design And Simulation Of An Electric Drive System For MASS Rapid Transit (MRT)

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Muhammad Qamran Yusri Bin Mohd Hafidzi
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This thesis presents the improvement of an electric drive system in MRT. The objectives of this project are to design a new electric drive system for MRT, develop a simulation and analyse the effectiveness of control unit on a DC motor under different loads and speed conditions. This project discussed the difference between two type of motor which are further described as DC Series Model and Shunt Motor from the DC type motor and Synchronous Motor from AC type motor. The proposed designed used Fuzzy Logic Control and DC Chopper. The system is developed and simulated using MATLAB-Simulink software. Based on the designed, the speed is controlled by the Fuzzy Logic Control FLC. The inputs for the FLC used error and change of error. Error is obtained from comparison between reference speed and actual speed. Error of change is gained from the difference between error and previous error. The output of FLC determined the operation mode on which quadrant of DC Chopper. The results should indicate the actual apeed able to achieve reference speed within time limit. The control unit FLC able to process the inputs stated above and the power electronics DC Chopper able to operate in correct mode.
FYP 2 SEM 2 2019/2020
Electric Drive System , Fuzzy Logic Control DC Chopper